Thursday, 13 June 2013

4 tips to plan a glitch-free destination beach wedding in Bali

Bali is one of the most popular locations for a destination wedding, particularly a beach wedding. However, like any other destination wedding, there are many big and small details that must be looked into while planning a wedding in a foreign location such as Bali. Here are some tips that will help you organize a glitch-free beach wedding in Bali  
  •  Do advance planning: Be it booking tickets or hotels for your guests or hiring caterers and photographers, you must plan each and everything well in advance. However, you can also opt for wedding packages in Bali, which will take care of everything and save your time.
  • Choose the venue carefully: There are numerous beaches for holding weddings in Bali. However, you need to do your research and choose the best beach that is not too remote or too crowded out of them. This is essential from the management point of view.
  • Don’t let weather play spoilsport: This is the most important aspect when you want to have a beach wedding in Bali. Find out the best weather for your wedding in Bali so that rains, heat or storm don’t play havoc on your special day. Additionally, check the tide timings for the same reason.
  • Take care of the legal aspects: You must be legally married in Bali or any other destination for that matter and in addition to that, the wedding must also be valid back home. Hence, before opting for any wedding packages in Bali, have a talk to your legal counsel and wedding planner to get married legally on foreign shores.
To Conclude

These are four tips that you must follow if you want to have a glitch beach wedding in Bali. Talking about wedding packages in Fiji, you can follow the same tips for your marriage in Fiji, particularly beachside Fiji weddings. Good luck!